Grow your business with the crowdshipping 

We make delivery more flexible, economical and sustainable. People collect your customers' shopping on their daily trips in return for a few euros.

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Crowdshipping Delivery
Ideata per la Crescita

Built For Growth

Shopopop responds to the “last mile” issue and offers merchants more flexibility at lower cost.



An already proven business model with already more than 800,000 deliveries !
(1st crowdshipping delivery solution in France).



No structural investment: no cost linked to the purchase of a vehicle & an exponential delivery potential without additional cost.

What is Shopopop ?

Founded in 2016, Shopopop is a crowdshipping delivery platform for home shopping between individuals.

We connect customers who wish to have their purchases delivered and a community of deliverers who want to optimize their daily journeys and supplement their income. This low-cost “express” delivery service works in both urban and rural areas.

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Consegna a domicilio
Piattaforma dedicata Shopopop

Tracked and insured deliveries

Drop off and track your deliveries on a dedicated platform. A support service is responsible for monitoring the progress of deliveries and answers all your questions, 6 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., by phone, chat or email.

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Even more advantage

Delivery in H+2

We are able to deliver your customers in less than 3 hours.

No limit

No limit of deliveries on the same time slot.

Throughout the territory

Our service works in both urban and rural areas.

Insured merchandise

All our deliveries are handled by our partner AXA up to € 2,000

More than 1200 partners

Since 2016, already more than 1200 partners trust us.

Verified users

Verified CNI, IBAN and Direct Debit Mandate with a reciprocal scoring system.